Primary Care of Orange City

The Program

How it Works

With Primary Care of Orange City our suboxone treatment is scheduled around your availability. With either in person or online availability you can get appts at almost any time you are available.

You will get access to a provider for medication treatment and also treatment coaches to help with your recovery.

We will provide telehealth calls through video or only telephone if a audio/video device is not available. Your recovery should not be dependent on electronic devices. If in the local area of Deland Florida, feel free to make an office appt. We also provide text message access.

We will help to establish you with an online psychologist if needed.

We will do at least one monthly online/tele visit to check on progress and if needed and appropriate will prescribe medications. More frequent encounters may be needed and are available depending on each patients needs.

There is no treatment plan that works on everyone each person needs and individualized plan and we will work together to find the perfect plan for your recovery.


Monthly fee of $190 includes all appointments, either in person, phone or audio/video calls,texting, and in home labs when needed. You are not restricted to only one visit per month this fee covers the entire month of services to help you in your recovery program. We accept credit or debit cards most insurances will cover the cost of the medication and we will help with prior authorizations.

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